A Flutter package for integrating with Bora Empowertech services. Bora Empowertech is a portal to access various Ilebora services, including email, push notifications, and SMS.


  • BoraMailer: Send emails using the Bora Empowertech Mailer service.
  • BoraSTK: Integrate with the Bora Empowertech Push service for push notifications.
  • BoraSMS: Send text messages using the Bora Empowertech SMS service.
  • Other services: Coming soon...


Add the following to your pubspec.yaml file:

  ilebora_empowertech: <latest version>

Then run:

flutter pub get


To use the Bora Empowertech package, you'll need to configure your API key and user ID (or generate new keys from https://empowertech.ilebora.com ). Update the userID and apiKey's in your initializations and you are all set.

 final mailer = BoraMailer(
    userID: 'developer_user_id', //Proovided ID
    apiKey: 'developer_api_key', //Provided key
    // Other configuration options...

Remember to replace placeholders like your_user_id and your_api_key with the actual values.

Issues and Feedback

For any issues or feedback, please open an Issues on GitHub.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details..