An IIR filter library written in Dart. Highpass, lowpass, bandpass and bandstop as Butterworth, Bessel and Chebyshev Type I/II.

This library is a porting in Dart of the famous iirj library by berndporr.

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To use this package add iirjdart as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.

Import the library.

import 'package:iirjdart/butterworth.dart';

Then create the filter that you want.

Butterworth butterworth = new Butterworth();

And initialize it with:

  1. Bandstop

    butterworth.bandStop(order,Samplingfreq,Center freq,Width in frequ);

  2. Bandpass

    butterworth.bandPass(order,Samplingfreq,Center freq,Width in frequ);

  3. Lowpass

    butterworth.lowPass(order,Samplingfreq,Cutoff frequ);

  4. Highpass

    butterworth.highPass(order,Samplingfreq,Cutoff frequ);


The filtering is done sample by sample for realtime processing:

v = butterworth.filter(v)

Coding examples

See the test/*_test.dart files for complete examples for all filter types.


  • Add Bessel filter