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Simple CLI interface for Ignite; scaffold and setup your Flame projects with ease.


Install it via pub (or build from src if you prefer the latest version):

pub global activate ignite_cli

After you have added the bin folder to your path (the previous command will tell you what to add), you can create a new project with Ignite, just run:

ignite create

And follow the instructions.

Instructions for contributors


cd test

To run all tests. Always make sure the build is green.

You will need to install the bash testing framework bats.

In order to run the application locally, run

dart bin/ignite_cli.dart

Managing Templates

This project uses package:mason to manage and generate templates (bricks).

All supported bricks can be found in the bricks directory.

Whenever a new brick is added or an existing brick is modified, make sure to regenerate the corresponding bundles via:

mason bundle bricks/<BRICK-NAME> -t dart -o lib/templates

This will generate a new bundle for <BRICK-NAME> under lib/templates.


This project was created with Dart Stagehand.