Flutter package to show an avatar with a clickable custom icon on the bottom. It's a customizable widget


Include iconable_avatar in your pubspec.yaml file:

    sdk: flutter
  iconable_avatar: version


  avatar: CircleAvatar(
    backgroundColor: Colors.amberAccent,
    radius: 50,
  onIconTap: () {
    print('Hi :)');

Constructor params

Name Description Required Default
avatar Widget to use as avatar. You can use a CircleAvatar widget (make sure to pass a radius > 0), in otherwise, pass a custom radius True
customRadius Double value to indicate the avatar radius when using a not CircleAvatar widget False
iconVisible Bool value to indicate when to show or hide the bottom section False true
onIconTap Callback use when tap on icon False
icon Icondata to show on the bottom section False Icons.camera_alt
iconColor Color used as icon color False Colors.black
backgroundIconColor Color used as background for bottom section False Color.fromRGBO(0, 0, 0, 0.3)


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