This is a customized class for bottomsheet with dynamic icon(widget) on top with various shapes. It uses the default bottomsheet imported from package:flutter/material.dart. The IconBottomSheet class then creates a tranaparent border for the iconWidget. The size of the padding is defined by iconPadding. The iconSize is the size of the iconWidget and iconShape is the shape of the iconWidget. There are various shapes for iconWidget as circle, square, circleTop, circleBottom. Below are the images for the various iconShapes of IconBottomSheet.


Argument Description
child This is the child widget that will be displayed in the bottomsheet.
iconWidget Widget displayed on top of bottomsheet.
iconSize Height/Width of the iconWidget. Defaults to 50 (height and width are same).
iconPadding Transparent border padding around the iconWidget. Defaults to 16. Use 0 when not requried.
position Helps to position your iconWidget on left, right or center. Defaults to center.
iconBackgroundColor Defines the background color of your iconWidget. Defaults to white. In order to show no color use Colors.transparent.
childBackgroundColor Defines the background color of your child widget. Defaults to white.


Argument Description
Position.center Aligns the iconWidget to center of the bottomsheet. It is set by default if no position is passed as a param.
Position.left Aligns the iconWidget to left of the bottomsheet.
Position.right Aligns the iconWidget to right of the bottomsheet.


Argument Description
IconShape.circle Creates circle shape background of iconWidget.
IconShape.circleTop Creates circle shape from top and square shape from bottom for background of iconWidget.
IconShape.circleBottom Creates circle shape from bottom and square shape from top for background of iconWidget.
IconShape.square Creates square shape background of iconWidget.

Getting started

Add the package icon_bottomsheet to your pubspec.yaml file and do pub get.


Firstly you need to change the canvas color in the theme of your material app so that you bottomsheet has transparent background.

    title: 'Flutter Demo',
    theme: ThemeData(
    canvasColor: Colors.transparent,
    home: const MyHomePage(title: 'Icon BottomSheet'),

After that import showModalBottomSheet from material.dart and then import the IconBottomSheet from package:icon_bottomsheet/icon_bottomsheet.dart and pass the arguments as described above.

    context: context,
    builder: (context) {
    return const IconBottomSheet(
        iconWidget: Icon(
        color: Colors.white,
        size: 100,
        iconShape: IconShape.square,
        position: Position.right,
        iconBackgroundColor: Colors.redAccent,
        //childBackgroundColor: Colors.grey,
        iconSize: 120,
        iconPadding: 20,
        child: PaymentFailed(),


Amit Mishra


If you have any ideas for extending this package or have found a bug, please contribute!

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  2. Fork the icon_bottomsheet repository.
  3. Work on your feature/bug.
  4. Create a pull request.
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