Foree Check Out

Package to use Foree Payment Gateway


To use this package in your code:

First, add a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.

        ibad: <latest-version of package>


Dart sdk: ">=2.12.0-0 <3.0.0"
Flutter: ">=1.22.2"
Android: minSdkVersion 19 and add support for androidx (see AndroidX Migration to migrate an existing app)
iOS: --ios-language swift, Xcode version >= 12

add import in your dart code:

import 'package:ibad/ibad.dart';

Sample Data:

var data = {
'key': '<API Key>',
'amount': '<Amount>',
'is_generated': <true/false>,
'reference_number': '<Reference Number>',
'customer_email_address': '<Customer Email Address>',
'customer_phone_number': '<Customer Phone Number>',
'consumer_name': '<Customer Name>'

is_generated takes true or false as the possible values. Pass true in case the bill/invoice is already generated and no new bill/invoice to be made with the given data. false in case a new bill/invoice is to be created with the given data.

Use initiateCheckOut() function of our package(ibad) and pass data.

Data: data,
context: context,
callback: (args) {
print(args); //args contains the callback data

In case of payment success or failure, response is received in callback with the data in the following format

Success data
    bill_status: "paid"
    initiator: "Foree Bill"
    instrument_institution: "ABC Bank"
    instrument_number: "01201234111222"
    instrument_type: "bank_account"
    message: "Your payment has been processed successfully"
    paid_amount: 125.00
    payment_channel: "Internet Banking"
    reference_number: "50"
    status: 1
    transaction_date_time: "2021-01-20 18:32:52"
    transaction_ref_id: "1611149880942"
Failure data
    message: "Your payment could not be processed",
    reference_number: "50",
    status: "2"