HyperTrack SDK Flutter plugin

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HyperTrack lets you add live location tracking to your mobile app in a reliable and battery efficient way.

HyperTrack SDK Flutter plugin is a wrapper around native iOS and Android SDKs that allows to integrate them into Flutter apps.

For information about how to get started with HyperTrack SDK for Flutter, please visit this HyperTrack Guide.

Wanna try it out??

Head over to Quickstart Flutter

  • Clone the repo to your device

  • If you want to change where the HyperTrack plugin comes from, change that in the pubspec.yaml file as below

              url: https://github.com/hypertrack/sdk-flutter.git  
              ref: master
    • Replace url with your desired remote of Hypertrack plugin
    • ref can be replaced either with branch name or the commit ID for the same.
  • If you want to consume the HyperTrack plugin on your local machine use the path parameter instead.

    • Replace url with your desired remote of Hypertrack plugin asdasd
  • If you want to consume the local package instead, use path parameter instead.

             path: ../  #Assuming you are running quickstart in root of the wrapper
  • Run flutter run with --ignore-deprecation flag

How to update HyperTrack SDK version?

  1. Update SDK constant

    • android
      • android/build.gradle
        • implementation 'com.hypertrack:hypertrack:version
    • ios
      • hypertrack_plugin.podspec
        • s.dependency 'HyperTrack/Objective-C', 'version'
  2. Increment wrapper version

    • pubspec.yaml
      • version
  3. Update CHANGELOG

  4. Update badge in README

  5. Commit and create a version tag (without v)

  6. Push

  7. Create a release

    • Release title - version
  8. Publish Flutter package

    1. flutter pub publish --dry-run
      • to test is everything OK with release
    2. flutter pub publish