Flutter Plugin for HyperKYC SDK

HyperKYC Flutter SDK can be used to create Global DKYC workflows to capture images of ID cards, photos of the face of the user, and perform other operations like face matches, etc all within itself to ease up integration friction on the client end. The SDK can be used within Flutter applications and supports all iOS versions from iOS 11, and Android OS versions from Lollipop 5.1 (Android API level 21) to Android 13 (Android API level 31)

Please contact Hyperverge for complete documentation and a properly designed solution specific to your usecase to use HyperKYC SDK to its optimum capacity

Minimum Requirements

  1. Android :
    1. Full migration to AndroidX
    2. minSdkVersion >= 21
    3. compileSdkVersion >= 31
    4. Minimum Gradle versions
      1. Gradle build tools version - 4.0.0
      2. Gradle wrapper version - 6.1.1
      3. Recommended Gradle versions
        1. Gradle build tools version - 7.0.4
      4. Gradle wrapper version - 7.0.2
  2. iOS :
    1. min iOS SDK version 11
    2. Recommended platform versions :
      1. xCode 13+
      2. Swift 5.5
      3. Cocoapods 1.11.x

Android Setup

  1. Make sure that the minimum SDK version is 21 or higher
  2. Enable multidex
  3. Open android/build.gradle file and add the following lines inside allprojects function
allprojects {  
	 repositories { 
		 maven {
            url = "https://s3.ap-south-1.amazonaws.com/hvsdk/android/releases" 
  1. Sync the project

iOS Setup

  1. cd to iOS directory and run pod install
  2. Add Camera Permissions to request the user for camera permissions, add this key-value pair in your application's info.plist file.
    • Key : Privacy - Camera Usage Description
    • Value : "Access to camera is needed for document and face capture"

Integrate HyperKYC Flutter SDK

  1. Create HyperKycConfig instance using HyperKycConfig.fromAccessToken (more secure) or HyperKycConfig.fromAppIdAppKey (less secure)
//  Create HyperKycConfig instance using `HyperKycConfig.fromAppIdAppKey` (less secure)
var hyperKycConfig = HyperKycConfig.fromAppIdAppKey(
     appId: <app-id>, //  Get this from Hyperverge team
     appKey: <app-key>, //  Get this from Hyperverge team
     workflowId: <workflow-id>, //  Get workflow-id from Hyperverge dashboard
     transactionId: <transaction-id>,
  1. Set Custom Inputs (Optional)
final Map<String, String> customInputs = {
      'key1': 'value1',
      'key2': 'value2',

hyperKycConfig.setInputs(inputs: customInputs)
  1. Launch HyperKYC
//  Launch HyperKYC using launch() function
HyperKycResult hyperKycResult = await HyperKyc.launch(hyperKycConfig: hyperKycConfig); // Please contact Hyperverge team to understand how to process HyperKycResult