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A Dart library to convert values into human-friendly representations.


When writing user interfaces we often want to present data we have in a raw format in a way that makes sense to the end user, but doing so is often non-trivial. This library aims to make such conversions easy and flexible.


Firstly, install the humanizer package, then you can import Humanizer into your Dart code as follows:

import 'package:humanizer/humanizer.dart';


This library has a broad API surface, and in fact has multiple API layers as discussed here. The following table gives a high level overview of the various features, with links to deeper discussion:

Feature Description
Approximate time Converts a Duration to a human-friendly approximation.
Cardinal numbers Converts an integral value to cardinal form (one, two, three etc).
Ordinal numbers Converts an integral value to ordinal form (1st / first, 2nd / second etc).
Plurality Alters the plurality of an input word.
String casing Converts input strings to Sentence case or Title Case.
String truncation Intelligently truncates input strings.
Symbols Converts programming symbol names into human-friendly representations.
Units of measurement Provides types to represent common units of measurement and the ability to convert those types to a human-readable form.

Note that whilst this library is locale-aware, it currently only includes an English implementation.


Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

Kent Boogaart


Arun Prakash


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Special thanks to these inspirational open source libraries:


A Dart library to convert values into human-friendly Strings.