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Welcome to Hugeicons Flutter Icons, your premier destination for free Flutter icons. Our expansive collection features over 4,000 stroke Flutter icons, available at no charge and crafted to meet a diverse array of design requirements. These icons are perfect for devs and designers seeking top-quality, customizable options for enhancing their digital product.

Hugeicons Pro is trusted and utilized by thousands of designers, devs, and content creators for unlimited personal and commercial projects, establishing it as one of the most versatile and user-friendly Flutter icons libraries in the market.

You can preview out our full collection of icons on the Hugeicons website.


Table of Contents


  • Extensive Collection: Access over 4000+ stroke icons for free, ready to use in your projects.
  • Scalable Icons: Easily adjust the size of icons to fit your design perfectly.
  • Color Customization: Apply any color to icons to match your brand or design theme.
  • Rotation and Animation: Add a dynamic touch with rotation and animation options.


To install and start using Hugeicons Flutter Icons in your project, follow the steps below:

  hugeicons: ^0.0.1

Then run:

$ flutter pub get

Usage Examples

To use Hugeicons Flutter Icons in your project, import the package and call the desired icon using the HugeIcon widget. You can customize the icon size, color, and other properties as needed.

import 'package:hugeicons/hugeicons.dart';

  icon: HugeIcons.strokeRoundedHome01,
  color: Colors.red,
  size: 30.0,


We welcome contributions from the community to help improve Hugeicons Flutter Icons. If you have any suggestions, feedback, or ideas for new icons, please feel free to submit a pull request or open an issue on our GitHub repository.


Hugeicons Flutter Icons is licensed under the MIT License. You are free to use, modify, and distribute the icons for personal and commercial projects. We appreciate attribution to Hugeicons when using our icons in your projects.


Hugeicons Flutter Icons is licensed under the MIT License. This permits use, modification, distribution, and private or commercial use of the flutter icons, provided only the icons that the original copyright and permission notice are included in all copies or substantial portions of the software.

For more details, see the LICENSE file in the repository.