Huawei Site Kit Flutter Plugin

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This plugin enables communication between Huawei Site SDK and Flutter platform. With Huawei Site Kit, your app can provide users with convenient and secure access to diverse, place-related services.

Huawei Site Kit provides the following core capabilities you need to quickly build apps with which your users can explore the world around them:

  • Place Search: Returns a place list based on keywords entered by the user.
  • Nearby Place Search: Searches for nearby places based on the current location of the user's device.
  • Place Details: Searches for details about a place.
  • Search Suggestion: Returns a list of place suggestions.

Installation Guide

  • Before you get started, you must register as a HUAWEI developer and complete identity verification on the HUAWEI Developer website. For details, please refer to Register a HUAWEI ID.

  • Create an app by referring to Creating an AppGallery Connect Project and Adding an App to the Project.

  • A signing certificate fingerprint is used to verify the authenticity of an app when it attempts to access an HMS Core (APK) through the HMS SDK. Before using the HMS Core (APK), you must locally generate a signing certificate fingerprint and configure it in AppGallery Connect. For details, please refer to Generating a Signing Certificate.

  • Sign in to AppGallery Connect and select My apps. Then, on the Project Setting page, set SHA-256 certificate fingerprint to the SHA-256 fingerprint from Configuring the Signing Certificate Fingerprint.

  • In AppGallery Connect, on My apps page, find your app from the list and click the app name. Go to Development > Overview > App Information. Click agconnect-service.json to download configuration file.

  • Copy the agconnect-service.json file to the android/app directory of your project.

  • Open the build.gradle file in the android directory of your project.

    • Go to buildscript then configure the Maven repository address and agconnect plugin for the HMS SDK.

        buildscript {
            repositories {
                maven { url '' }
            dependencies {
                 * <Other dependencies>
                classpath 'com.huawei.agconnect:agcp:'
    • Go to allprojects then configure the Maven repository address for the HMS SDK.

        allprojects {
            repositories {
                maven { url '' }
  • Open the build.gradle file in the android/app directory.

    • Add apply plugin: 'com.huawei.agconnect' line after the apply plugin: '' line.

        apply plugin: ''
        apply plugin: 'com.huawei.agconnect'
        apply from: "$flutterRoot/packages/flutter_tools/gradle/flutter.gradle"
    • Set your package name in defaultConfig > applicationId and set minSdkVersion to 19 or higher. Package name must match with the package_name entry in agconnect-services.json file.

        defaultConfig {
                applicationId "<package_name>"
                minSdkVersion 19
                 * <Other configurations>
    • Copy the signature file that generated in Generating a Signing Certificate to android/app directory.

    • Configure the signature in android according to the signature file information.

        android {
             * <Other configurations>
            signingConfigs {
                config {
                    storeFile file('<keystore_file>.jks')
                    storePassword '<keystore_password>'
                    keyAlias '<key_alias>'
                    keyPassword '<key_password>'
            buildTypes {
                debug {
                    signingConfig signingConfigs.config
                release {
                    signingConfig signingConfigs.config
  • On your Flutter project directory find and open your pubspec.yaml file and add library to dependencies. For more details please refer the Using packages document.

              # Replace {library path} with actual library path of Huawei Site Kit Flutter Plugin.
              path: {library path}
  • Run following command to update package info.

      [project_path]> flutter pub get
  • Run following command to start the app.

      [project_path]> flutter run

API Reference

AddressDetailRepresents details about a place.
CoordinateRepresents the location (that is, the latitude and longitude object) of a place.
CoordinateBoundsRepresents coordinate bounds.
DetailSearchRequestRepresents a request object used to search for place details.
DetailSearchResponseRepresents a response object containing the place details search result.
SearchServiceAn entry interface of HUAWEI Site Kit.
LocationTypeEnumerates place types.
NearbySearchRequestRepresents a request object used to search for nearby places.
NearbySearchResponseRepresents a response object containing search results of nearby places.
OpeningHoursDescribes weekly opening hours of a place.
PeriodRepresents a period.
PoiRepresents a POI object containing detailed POI information.
QuerySuggestionRequestRepresents a request object used to provide search suggestions.
QuerySuggestionResponseRepresents a response object containing search suggestions.
SiteA model class representing a place object.
TextSearchRequestRepresents a request object used to search for places by keyword.
TextSearchResponseRepresents a response object containing keyword-based search results.
TimeOfWeekRepresents a time point on a day of the week.

You can read more and get detailed information about the interfaces described above from

Configuration Description


Licensing and Terms

Huawei Site Kit Flutter Plugin uses the Apache 2.0 license.