Huawei Nearby Service Flutter Plugin version


Nearby Data Communication allows devices to easily discover nearby devices and set up communication with them using technologies such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The plugin provides Nearby Connection, Nearby Message, and Nearby Wi-Fi Sharing APIs provided by the HUAWEI Nearby Service SDK.

  • Nearby Connection

    Discovers devices and sets up secure communication channels with them without connecting to the Internet and transfers byte arrays, files, and streams to them; supports seamless nearby interactions, such as multi-player gaming, real-time collaboration, resource broadcasting, and content sharing.

  • Nearby Message

    Allows message publishing and subscription between nearby devices that are connected to the Internet. A subscriber (app) can obtain the message content from the cloud service based on the sharing code broadcast by a publisher (beacon or another app).

  • Nearby Wi-Fi Sharing

    Provides the Wi-Fi configuration sharing function to help users connect their own or friends' smart devices to the Wi-Fi network in one-click mode. Learn More

Installing the Plugin

Add dependencies to the pubspec.yaml file of the Flutter project. huawei_nearbyservice: Run the following command on the Terminal page or click Pub get in Android Studio to add dependencies. flutter pub get For more details, please refer to Getting Started with Flutter

Development Guide


Huawei Nearby Service Flutter Plugin is licensed under Apache 2.0 license