Huawei Location Kit Flutter Plugin version

Huawei Location Kit combines the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), Wi-Fi, and base station location functionalities into your app to build up global positioning capabilities, allowing you to provide flexible location-based services for global users. Currently, it provides three main capabilities: fused location, activity identification, and geofence. You can call one or more of these capabilities as needed.

  • Fused Location

    Provides a set of easy-to-use APIs for your app to quickly obtain the device location based on the GNSS, Wi-Fi, and base station location data.

  • Activity Identification

    Identifies user motion status through the acceleration sensor, cellular network information, and magnetometer, helping you adapt your app to user behavior.

  • Geofence

    Allows you to set an interested area through an API so that your app can receive a notification when a specified action (such as leaving, entering, or staying in the area) occurs.

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Questions or Issues

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  • Huawei Developer Forum HMS Core Module is great for general questions, or seeking recommendations and opinions.
  • Huawei Developer Docs is place to official documentation for all HMS Core Kits, you can find detailed documentations in there.

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Huawei Location Kit Flutter Plugin is licensed under Apache 2.0 license