This flutter plugin project use official Huawei App Update API to check update from AppGallery. Please note that this plugin for Android use only.


You must add the AppGallery Connect configuration file of your app to your project before you run it.


Calling HuaweiInAppUpdate.checkForUpdate() will return UpgradeInfo. You may use upgradeInfo.updateAvailable to check if there is an update available. If update is available, you may show a update dialog using HuaweiInAppUpdate.showUpdateDialog(). If force specify as true, dialog will not dismissable and back button will not pop the dialog.

void checkForUpdate() async {
    if (Platform.isAndroid) {
      try {
        final upgradeInfo = await HuaweiInAppUpdate.checkForUpdate();
        if (upgradeInfo.updateAvailable) {
            context: context,
            force: false,
      } on PlatformException catch (e) {
        showErrorDialog(e.code, e.message);
    } else {
      showErrorDialog('IOS_NOT_SUPPORTED', 'iOS device is not supported');

If you would like to have a different app update presentation in your app, you may try to create your own custom widget design using the information provided from UpgradeInfo.