Http Request Utils is a way to handle json request responses with a bigger control of the keys that this json contains. Multiple times we make our models to parse jsons with only the key of the map, but if one of them fails we will only know what misses or has incorrect types watching the output of the console. Instead, with this package a specific body exception will be thrown, containing if it was null or if it was an incorrect value type or if key is not coming.

It also comes with a http_exception model, that can handle in an easier way how your requests fails. With this exception you can centrify all the exceptions that occurs in the requests with a simple dialog or a customizable one single widget.


Body Utils

  • Parse simple json keys
  • Parse multiple json keys
  • Determine if this key can be nullable
  • Give a default value in case this key is null

New - Now can parse lists, pass a map method to convert it. - Now can parse classes, and even return null if there's an exception

Http Exception

  • Receives a message
  • A Code
  • A Reason
  • A Status Http code


For Body Utils

    factory RequestData.fromJson (dynamic json) {
        return RequestData(
            id: jsonField<String> (json, ["_id", "\$oid"], nullable: false),
            name: jsonField<String> (json, ["name",],  nullable: false),
            number: jsonField<num> (json, ["number"],  nullable: false),
            integer: jsonField<int> (json, ["integer",],  nullable: false),
            shortMap: jsonField<dynamic> (json, ["short_map",],  nullable: false),
            object: jsonClassField<Object> (json, ["class"], nullOnException: true),
            aList: jsonListField<ListObject> (
                json, ["a_list"], 
                map: ListObject.fromJson,
                nullable: false
            date: DateTime.fromMillisecondsSinceEpoch(
                jsonField<int> (json, ["date", "\$date"]),

    // Where is called
    try {

        RequestData myData = RequestData.fromJson (response_body);
    } on BodyException catch (error) {
        // Handle Exception

For Http Exception

    try {

        final response = http.get (
            headers: {}

        switch (response.statusCode) {
            case 200:
                //Success Action
                throw HttpException (
                    code: Code.request,
                    reason: Reason.server,
                    status: response.statusCode
    } on HttpException {
    } catch (error) {
        throw HttpException (
            code: Code.system,
            status: -1