HSV Color Pickers

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Flutter package for creating customisable Color pickers for HSV Colors.

Hue Picker

The HuePicker is used to let the user pick the hue of a HSVColor by selecting it on the slider.

Hue Slider 1

The height of the slider is customizable.
Hue Slider 2

The slider thumb is as well completely customizable.
Hue Slider 3


Using initialColor

  initialColor: HSVColor.fromColor(Colors.green),
  onChanged: (HSVColor color) {
      // do something with color

Using controller

// create controller
_controller = HueController(HSVColor.fromColor(Colors.green));

// use controller in HuePicker
  controller: _controller,
  onChanged: (HSVColor color) {
      // do something with color

// use controller to set the value of the HuePicker from outside the widget
_controller.value = HSVColor.fromColor(Colors.blue);


Customize the slider's height using trackHeight:

  trackHeight: 50,

Customize the thumb by passing a thumbOverlayColor and a custom thumbShape:

  thumbOverlayColor: Colors.green.withOpacity(0.3),
  thumbShape: HueSliderThumbShape(
    color: Colors.black,
    strokeWidth: 8,
    filled: false,
    showBorder: true

HueSliderThumbShape offers the following properties for customisation:

  • radius: the radius of the thumb (double)
  • filled: whether the thumb should be filled or not (bool)
  • color: main color of the thumb
  • strokeWidth: stroke with for non-filled thumb (double)
  • showBorder: whether to show the border or not (bool)
  • borderColor: color of the border, if shown
  • borderWidth: stroke with of the border, if shown (double)

Coming soon...

  • Saturation Picker
  • Brightness Picker


If you have any ideas for extending this package or have found a bug, please contribute!

  1. You'll need a GitHub account.
  2. Fork the hsv_color_pickers repository.
  3. Work on your feature/bug.
  4. Create a pull request.
  5. Star this project. ⭐
  6. Become a hero!! 🎉