A simple flutter plugin to add text between a horizontal line



Getting started

Install using: flutter pub add horizontal_text_line

Import it in your file: import 'package:horizontal_text_line/horizontal_text_line';

Example Usage

Widget _LoginButtons(){
  return Column(
    children: [
      ElevatedButton(onPressed: (){}, child: Text("Login")),
      HorizontalTextLine(text: "Continue With", color: Colors.brown, height: 1.5),
      ElevatedButton(onPressed: (){}, child: Text("Sign in with Google")),

Api Options

  ///defines the text to be added
  final String text;

  /// defines the color for the lines
  final Color color;
  /// defines the height for the lines
  final double height;
  /// defines the padding on the right of the line
  final double paddingRight;
  /// defines the padding on the the left of the line
  final double paddingLeft;

Additional information

You can contribute on this project on github You can also follow me on twitter