honeywell_scanner 1.0.0+2

This is a plugin to scan barcodes by using Honeywell PDA Android devices.

Native library version is


Honeywell Mobility SDK for Android provides scanning and printing Java libraries for native Android application development. This revision replaces the previous revision Target platform: Android. Programming language: Java License: Free

Supported computers

  Dolphin CT50 Android 4.4 and Android 6.0
  Dolphin CT40 Android 7.1.1
  Dolphin CT60 Android 7.1.1
  Dolphin CN80 Android 7.1.1
  Dolphin 75e Android 4.4 and Android 6.0
  CN51 Android 6.0
  CK75, CN75 and CN75e Android 6.0
  EDA50, EDA50K, EDA70 Android 7.1.1
  EDA51 Android 8.1.0

Supported printers

  Receipt printers – PR2, PR3, PB21, PB31, PB42, PB51, and 6824
  Label printers - PB22, PB32 and PB50

Supported external scanners

  Ring scanner for Dolphin 75e

How to use


# add this line to your flutter project dependencies
honeywell_scanner: ^1.0.0+1


The android project which is going to use this plugin library should define flatDir in its gradle allProjects closure, exactly as below:

  flatDir {
      dirs 'libs'


The honeywell.aar file which is inside the android/libs/ of this plugin should be copied to the android/app/libs/ folder inside your android project sources. This will allow the plugin to locate the honeywell.aar library.