Flutter plugin to show/hide the iPhone X home indicator.

Also features an API to "defer" screen edges, i.e. require a second swipe-in from the top/bottom/left/right before OS behavior is triggered. This is how you "grey out" the home indicator.

Warning: It appears "deferring" the bottom screen edge does not successfully prevent a "home swipe" when the home indicator is also hidden. That is: if you need the behavior of HomeIndicator.deferScreenEdges([ScreenEdge.bottom]), then don't also call HomeIndicator.hide().

On Android, this plugin does nothing, and isHidden always returns true.


import 'package:home_indicator/home_indicator.dart';

await HomeIndicator.hide();
await HomeIndicator.show();
final result = await HomeIndicator.isHidden();
await HomeIndicator.deferScreenEdges([ScreenEdge.bottom]); // Grey it out


  • Even after calling HomeIndicator.hide(), the home indicator will show up when the user gestures near the bottom of the screen. This behavior is impossible to override.