A customized GestureDetector that acts on holding a determined Widget.

Getting Started

import 'package:holding_gesture/holding_gesture.dart';


After importing, all you have to do is use HoldDetector the same way you already used GestureDetector! As it is on the documentation, its onTap override won't work when using a child that has onPressed or a similar callback, so you should pass the single tap behaviour to that.

  onHold: _incrementCounter,
  holdTimeout: Duration(milliseconds: 200),
  enableHapticFeedback: true,
  child: ElevatedButton(
    onPressed: _incrementCounter,
    child: Text("onHold"),


HoldTimeoutDetector works differently, you can use it to hold conditions or display something while the user is holding it for a predetermined time, and then execute an action after this duration passes, or canceling it if the hold action ceases. In the example, I'm using it to show a feedback on the button, and on the screen that something is loading, and then executing the increment once the timeout happens.

  onTimeout: () {
  onTimerInitiated: () => _updateLoading(true),
  onCancel: () => _updateLoading(false),
  holdTimeout: Duration(milliseconds: 3000),
  enableHapticFeedback: true,
  child: ElevatedButton.icon(
    onPressed: () {},
    label: Text("onTimeout"),
    icon: _isLoading
        ? SizedBox(
            width: 16,
            height: 16,
            child: CircularProgressIndicator(
              strokeWidth: 2,
              valueColor: AlwaysStoppedAnimation(Colors.white),
        : Icon(Icons.timer_3),

The main example, above and in example/, is the same as the default Flutter app, with the adition of a haptic feedback to each tick and the ability to hold the button to keep adding to the counter.