A fast and lite beautiful button library for flutter, made easy to use properties which can't used in default button, user can apply color, icon, padding easily which using extra code.

Properties usage

preIconAdd Icon before button labelpreIcon: Icons.personIcons
labelButton labellabel:"Click Me"String
postIconAdd Icon after button labelpostIcon: Icons.personIcons
fullWidthMake button full width acording screenfullWidth: truebool
heightApply custom hight to buttonheight: 40double
textColorApply custom foreground color on button codetextColor: Colors.white,Colors
backColorApply custom background color on button codebackColor: Colors.white,Colors
textSizeApply custom text size on buttontextSize: 20double
borderRoundMake button border smooth/border radiusborderRound:truebool
paddingApply Paddingpadding: EdgeInsets.all(20)EdgeInsetsGeometry
onPressedApply Event on buttononPressed: ()=> {},Function

Example Syntax

            preIcon: Icons.person,
            height: 40,
            borderRound: true,
            textColor: Colors.white,
            textSize: 20,
            backColor: Colors.red,
            padding: EdgeInsets.all(20),
            fullWidth: true,
            label: "My Name is Button",
            onPressed: () {
              print("Button Clicked!");