Help Ukraine Widget for Flutter

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This is a port of Help Ukraine Widget - this widget helps to let users of your app know how they can help Ukraine from anywhere in the world.


First widget variation

First widget example

Second widget variation

Second widget example

Third widget variation

Third widget example

Fourth widget variation

Fourth widget example


By installing this widget in your app, you will help to end the war in Ukraine. It will provide links for:

Getting started

Add the package as a dependency to your pubspec.yaml:

    help_ukraine_widget: <latest version>

in your code:

import 'package:help_ukraine_widget/help_ukraine_widget.dart';


Basic usage

Use OverlayWidget to float and align the widget above your app:

    alignment: Alignment.bottomRight,
    overlayWidget: HorizontalHelpWidget(),
    child: MyApp(),


You can also create custom variations of this widget:

// we used that in our widget, but you do you 
final order = [HelpWidgetView.collapsed, HelpWidgetView.main, HelpWidgetView.options];

final _controller = TraverseController(order);

    controller: _controller;
    // view with links to resources that help Ukraine
    optionsView: ...
    // The default first view that the users see.
    mainView: ...
    // smallest view that doesn't obstruct user from
    // using the app, but still exists on the screen
    collapsedView: ...
    // axis of transition animation between views
    axis: ...

Credits and Gearheart for designing and creating the original widget.