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A simple flutter package to calculate the distance between two coordinates

Getting Started

The following project is a simple Dart package to calculate the distance between two points in latitude and longitude.

/// Import the package
import 'package:haversine_distance/haversine_distance.dart';

/// Create the two location objects you want to calculate the distance between.
/// The Location object is included in the package. 
final startCoordinate = new Location(60.389739, 5.322323);
final endCoordinate = new Location(60.393032, 5.327248);

/// Create a new haversine object
final haversineDistance = HaversineDistance();

/// Then calculate the distance between the two location objects and set a unit.
/// You can select between KM/MILES/METERS/NMI
haversineDistance.haversine(startCoordinate, endCoordinate, Unit.KM).floor();


Units to calculate

KM, Meters, Miles, NMI,

enum Unit { KM, MILE, METER, NMI }

Location Class:

Class Location(){
 String latitude;
 String longitude;


The following Dart package is highly inspired by the following npm project: