Harpo :lock:

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A Dart package for numeric encryption/decryption and binary & hexadecimal encryption/decryption! :lock:

About :books:

Harpo is a small library to numerically decrypt/encrypt letters, words, and phrases!

Installation :inbox_tray:

Adding to your project

To add Harpo to your project's dependencies, add this to your project's pubspec.yml:

    git: git://github.com/angeldollface/harpo.git

The three dots represent anything else that you might have in the dependencies section. Having done that, re-fetch your project's dependencies by running this in the project's root directory:

$ dart pub get

Usage :hammer:


Import all functions like this:

import 'package:harpo/harpo.dart';


To inspect the available APIs, read the source code, please. I've split everything by subject so it should be easy to understand.

Note :scroll:

  • Harpo :lock: by Alexander Abraham :black_heart: a.k.a. "Angel Dollface" :dolls: :ribbon:
  • Licensed under the MIT license.