About this project

An unofficial plugin that brings the HUAWEI HarmonyOS/EMUI 12/OpenAtom Foundation OpenHarmony's Interface to flutter.

Experience the best of both worlds in a single application!

We aim to make a pixel perfect clone of HUAWEI's ArkUI Library and widget support too.

If you like this project, please consider contributing to get more features and leave issues if there are bugs or feature requests.

Current State

Implemented the following Widgets:

HarmonyOS UI Component Material UI Component
HMAbility Scaffold
HMTextButton TextButton
HMElevatedButton ElevatedButton
HMIconButton IconButton
HMFloatingActionButton FloatingActionButton
showHMDialog showDialog(with less customization)
HMButton ?
HMTextInput TextField


An attempt to bring a pixel-perfect HarmonyOS UI to flutter.