Handy Dialogs


Handy dialogs for your apps logic 🧚🏼‍👨🏼‍💻
Easy & quick integration of frequently used dialogs

Getting started

Add this import line

import 'package:dialogs/handy_dialogs.dart';


Shows a dialog with given question and returns a confirmation bool

if(await confirmationDialog(context,
"Do you agree?", "Agree", "Cancel"){
 //function code 
Confirm Dialog

Displays an alert to confirm deletion then returns a bool

if(await deleteConfirmation(context)){   
//function code 
Delete Confirmation

Shows a notification dialog with given title and message

notificationDialog(context, "title", "message"); 
Notification Dialog

Shows a flash dialog or a simple dialog with isFlash = false

You can customize background color, leading, trailing, onTap function and duration of dialog

showText(context, "text", "subtitle",  
 backgroundColor = Colors.amber, 
 seconds = 5, 
 leading = Icon(Icons.info),
 trailing = [Icon(Icons.delete)], 
Show Text

Additional information

This package assumes corresponding permissions depending on platform