A Flutter plugin providing signature pad for drawing smooth signatures. Library is written in pure Dart/Flutter environment to provide support for all platforms..
Easy to use library with variety of draw and export settings.


Signature pad drawing is based on Cubic B├ęzier curves.


    import 'package:hand_signature/signature.dart';

With HandSignatureControl and HandSignaturePainterView is possible to tweak some drawing aspects like stroke width, smoothing ratio or velocity weight.

    final control = HandSignatureControl(
      threshold: 3.0,
      smoothRatio: 0.65,
      velocityRange: 2.0,

    final widget = HandSignaturePainterView(
      control: control,
      color: Colors.blueGrey,
      width: 1.0,
      maxWidth: 10.0,
      type: SignatureDrawType.shape,

HandSignatureControl sets up 'math' to control input touches and handles control points of signature curve.

  • threshold: (LP) controls minimal distance between two points - higher distance creates smoother curve, but less precise. Higher distance also creates bigger input draw lag.
  • smoothRatio: (0 - 1) controls how smooth curve will be - higher ratio creates smoother curve, but less precise. In most of cases are best results with values between 0.5 - 0.75.
  • velocityRange: (LP per millisecond) controls curve size based on distance and duration between two points. Thin line - fast move, thick line - slow move. With higher velocityRange user must swing faster to draw thinner line.
  • reverseVelocity: swaps stroke width. Thin line - slow move, thick line - fast move. Simply swaps min/max size based on velocity.

HandSignaturePainterView sets up visual style of signature curve.

  • control: processes input, handles math and stores raw data.
  • color: just color of line.
  • width: minimal width of line. Width at maximum swing speed (clamped by velocityRange).
  • maxWidth: maximum width of line. Width at slowest swing speed.
  • type: draw type of curve. Default and main draw type is shape - not so nice as arc, but has better performance. And line is simple path with uniform stroke width.

Properties, like canvas size, stroke min/max width and color can be modified during export.
There are more ways and more formats how to export signature, most used ones are svg and png formats.

    final control = HandSignatureControl();

    final svg = control.toSvg();
    final png = control.toImage();

Of course draw type is also supported during export. SignatureDrawType shape generates reasonably small file and is read well by all programs. On the other side arc generates really big file and some programs can have hard times handling so much objects.
Export to image supports ImageByteFormat and provides png or raw rgba data.\

Exported svg is possible to display in classic flutter_svg widget.
Or use build in HandSignatureView for greater control.

    final widget = HandSignatureView.svg(
      data: svgString,
      strokeWidth: (width) => width * 0.35,
      padding: EdgeInsets.all(16.0),
      placeholder: Container(
        color: Colors.red,
        child: Center(
          child: Text('not signed yet'),

Signature is automatically centered and fills given area.
Currently stroke width can be controlled only for line and arc exports.
HandSignatureView handles most of svg files, but is optimized for drawing signatures created with this library and don't provide all features like flutter_svg.

Any contribution is highly welcomed.
Library is in good condition, but still in early development.
Mainly to improve smoothing and line weight to better match real signature.
Remove dependency to flutter_svg and make library dependent only on path_drawing or path_parsing.
Performance can be always better..
Also currently there are no tests or documentation.