A plugin to use gstreamer in your desktop applications (and possibly in mobiles in the future).

OS Compatibility:

  • Linux ❌
  • Windows ✅
  • OSx ❌
  • Android ❌
  • IOs ❌

Getting Started

For windows GStreamer download and install both runtime and development installer. Link: Add the binaries folder to system PATH. Current implementation does not bundle DLLs with the plugin, thus it is necessary to install the runtime in every computer.

For linux, install it from repositories. Not working yet...


Create pipelines with gst_launch
Create custom pipelines
Interface appsink
Interface appsource
Ready to use widgets to show streams
Ready to use controller to sink streams
  • Wrapped methods:
    • native_gst_parse_launch
    • native_gst_element_set_state
    • native_gst_get_app_sink_by_name
    • native_gst_pull_sample
    • native_gst_sample_release
    • native_gst_sample_width
    • native_gst_sample_height
    • native_gst_sample_format
    • native_gst_sample_buffer


  • Improve CMakeLists to search properly in both windows and linux the dependencies.
  • Allow to access pads of sinks and sources to get/set the raw data in dart code.