A new flutter plugin to verify GST number in your flutter apps.

Getting Started

This plugin is used to get details of any gst Number. This plugin needs a key_secret provided by Appyflow Technologies Visit the following url to get your own key_secret Get Key Secret


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Register to get your own key_secret


    GstVerification.verifyGST(gstNo, key_secret).then((result) {
      JsonEncoder encoder = new JsonEncoder.withIndent('  ');
      String prettyprint = encoder.convert(result);

      response = "JSON Response:\n\n" + prettyprint;
      valueOp = 0;
      setState(() {});
    }).catchError((error) {
      valueOp = 0;
      setState(() {});

Result will be in JSON format. Then you can use it to get details of the gst number. For more you can read documentation online Documentation

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