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Flutter dart:grpc implementation that uses the Cronet native library.

Uses Chromium Cronet libraries patched in


As number of concurrent requests increases use of cronet for grpc client shows significant improvements over dart:io one. This is what example/route_guide flutter cronet client vs dart cli dart:io client shows:

number of concurrent requests dart:io(ms) (less is better) cronet (ms) (less is better) speed-up factor
100 615 382 1.61
500 7,947 2,081 3.82
1000 28,406 4,703 6.04

Status: Experimental

NOTE: This package is currently experimental and published under the pub publisher in order to solicit feedback.

For packages in the publisher we generally plan to either graduate the package into a supported publisher (, after a period of feedback and iteration, or discontinue the package. These packages have a much higher expected rate of API and breaking changes.

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