rxdart library


A special StreamController that captures the latest item that has been added to the controller, and emits that as the first item to any new listener.
CombineLatestStream<T, R>
Merges the given Streams into one Stream sequence by using the combiner function whenever any of the source stream sequences emits an item.
Transforms a Stream so that will only emit items from the source sequence if a window has completed, without the source sequence emitting another item.
The defer factory waits until a listener subscribes to it, and then it creates a Stream with the given factory function.
An Object which acts as a tuple containing both an error and the corresponding stack trace.
ForwardingSink<T, R>
A Sink that supports event hooks.
Flattens the items emitted by the given streams into a single Stream sequence.
A utility class that provides static methods to create the various Streams provided by RxDart.
Prepends an error to the source Stream.
Prepends a value to the source Stream.
The base for all Subjects. If you'd like to create a new Subject, extend from this class.
SwitchMapStreamTransformer<S, T>
Converts each emitted item into a new Stream using the given mapper function. The newly created Stream will be be listened to and begin emitting items, and any previously created Stream will stop emitting.
An Stream that provides synchronous access to the last emitted item
Wrap a value. This used to keep the latest value of a Stream including null value.


Extends the Stream class with the ability to debounce events in various ways
Extends the Stream class with the ability to merge one stream with another.
Extends the Stream class with the ability to emit the given value as the first item.
Extends the Stream with the ability to convert one stream into a new Stream whenever the source emits an item. Every time a new Stream is created, the previous Stream is discarded.
Extensions to access value and error easily.


forwardStream<T, R>(Stream<T> stream, ForwardingSink<T, R> connectedSink) Stream<R>
@private Helper method which forwards the events from an incoming Stream to a new StreamController. It captures events such as onListen, onPause, onResume and onCancel, which can be used in pair with a ForwardingSink