Grouped Infinite List

Grouped Infinite List License: MIT

Grouped Infinite ListView with items that can be scrolled infinitely in both directions. This widget use CustomScrollView with two SliverList to achive this.

This package inspired by grouped_list package.

Installation 💻

❗ In order to start using Grouped Infinite List you must have the Flutter SDK installed on your machine.

Add grouped_infinite_list to your pubspec.yaml:


Install it:

flutter packages get


Parameter Description Required Default
positiveItems List of items that will be displayed in the positive direction required -
negativeItems List of items that will be displayed in the negative direction no emptyList
groupBy Function to determine which group an item belongs to required -
itemBuilder Function to build a widget for each item in the list. required -
groupSeparatorBuilder Function to build a group header separator in the list. required -
groupSeparatorPadding Padding for the group header separator in the list. no
useStickyGroupSeparators Whether to use sticky group separators. Header will stick on top. no false
separator Widget that will be displayed between items no -
groupComparator Function to sort the list of groups no -
itemComparator Function to sort the items inside a group no -
stickyHeaderPositionOffset Offset from the top of the screen at which sticky headers should stick. Usefull if you need your list scroll behind appBar no 0

Also you can use Parameters from CustomScrollView


Grouped Infinite List