Flutter widget to create a group of buttons fast 🚀

Included Radio and CheckBox buttons models with custom groping types 🤤
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GroupButtonController GroupButtonBuilder GroupButtonOptions

Getting Started

Follow these steps to use this package

Add dependency

  group_button: ^5.3.4

Add import package

import 'package:group_button/group_button.dart';

Easy to use

Simple example of use GroupButton
Put this code in your project at an screen and learn how it works 😊

    isRadio: false,
    onSelected: (index, isSelected) => print('$index button is selected'),
    buttons: ["12:00", "13:00", "14:30", "18:00", "19:00", "21:40"],


Starting from version 4.1.0
You can control your Group Button using the controller

final controller = GroupButtonController();

  children: [
      controller: controller,
      buttons: ['12:00', '13:00', '14:00'],
      onSelected: (i, selected) => debugPrint('Button #$i $selected'),
      onPressed: () => controller.selectIndex(1),
      child: const Text('Select 1 button'),

Generic button value

In new 5.0.0 version you can set custom buttons value type
It can be int, DateTime, double or YourCustomClass
Button text will be result of .toString() model method in common button display case

  buttons: [DateTime(2022, 4, 9), DateTime(2022, 4, 10)],

Button builders

Also you can use generic button values with cutsom buttonBuilder
In order to turn values into any widget

  buttons: [DateTime(2022, 4, 9), DateTime(2022, 4, 10)],
  buttonBuilder: (selected, date, context) {
    return Text('${date.year}-${date.month}-${date.day}');

In this package, there are four different possibilities for customizing your buttons through builders

  • 1 buttonBuilder It will build a fully custom button based on the value parameter
  • 2 buttonIndexedBuilder same as buttonBuilder. But based on button index.
  • 3 buttonTextBuilder It will replace the text of your button, which is constructed based on the style parameters passed in GroupButtonOptions. The appearance of the button remains the same, but the text is changed. Based on button value.
  • 4 buttonIndexedTextBuilder same as buttonTextBuilder. But based on button index.

Fully Customize

In order to customize your buttons inside GroupButton you can use GroupButtonOptions

  selectedShadow: const [],
  selectedTextStyle: TextStyle(
    fontSize: 20,
    color: Colors.pink[900],
  selectedColor: Colors.pink[100],
  unselectedShadow: const [],
  unselectedColor: Colors.amber[100],
  unselectedTextStyle: TextStyle(
    fontSize: 20,
    color: Colors.amber[900],
  selectedBorderColor: Colors.pink[900],
  unselectedBorderColor: Colors.amber[900],
  borderRadius: BorderRadius.circular(100),
  spacing: 10,
  runSpacing: 10,
  groupingType: GroupingType.wrap,
  direction: Axis.horizontal,
  buttonHeight: 60,
  buttonWidth: 60,
  mainGroupAlignment: MainGroupAlignment.start,
  crossGroupAlignment: CrossGroupAlignment.start,
  groupRunAlignment: GroupRunAlignment.start,
  textAlign: TextAlign.center,
  textPadding: EdgeInsets.zero,
  alignment: Alignment.center,
  elevation: 0,


You can check more examples of using this package here

Thanks to all contributors of this package

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