Grist API implementation for flutter


Create API Object

You can get docs_id and api_key settings

Server key is your URL, docs.getgrist.com if you're not using team. And teamname.getgrist.com if you are in team.

final gristApi = GristAPI('docs_id' , 'api_key', server: 'https://docs.getgrist.com');

Fetch data from table

Note: Name is one of the sample field that we are using.

final ret = await gristApi.fetchRecords('TableName');
for (var v in ret) {

With limit

Example for just retreive 5 rows

final ret = await gristApi.fetchRecords('TableName', limit=5);

With sort

Sort with multiple fields, example Name ascending and age descending

final ret = await gristApi.fetchRecords('TableName', sort='Name,-age');

With filter

Example, filter only name Vero or Pascal

final ret = await gristApi.fetchRecords('TableName', filter={Name: ['Vero','Pascal']});

Add data

Return value will contains new id that created.

final ret = await gristApi.addRecords('TableName', [{"Name": "This is a new name"}]);

Update data

Update records, be sure to include 'id' fields on the data that being updated.

final ret = await gristApi.updateRecords('TableName', [{"id": 19, "Name": "Update name to this"}]);

Delete data

Delete data, parameter is just list of ids that wants to be deleted.

final ret = await gristApi.deleteRecords('TableName', [18]);

Additional information

GRIST API : https://support.getgrist.com/rest-api/