grind function

Future grind (
  1. List<String> args,
  2. {bool verifyProjectRoot: true}

Run the grinder file.

First, discovers the tasks declared in your grinder file. Then, handles the command-line args either by running tasks or responding to recognized options such as --help.

If verifyProjectRoot is true, grinder will verify that the script is being run from a project root.

If a task fails, it throws and runs no further tasks.


Future grind(List<String> args, {bool verifyProjectRoot = true}) {
  try {
    discoverTasks(grinder, currentMirrorSystem().isolate.rootLibrary);
    return runTasks(args, verifyProjectRoot: verifyProjectRoot);
  } catch (e) {
    if (e is GrinderException) {

    return Future.error(e);