This package allows you to easily create FABs (Floating Action Buttons) with linear & radial gradient background.


Create FABs with gradient backgrounds using Linear Gradient & Radial Gradient


"Screenshot_1 "Screenshot_2

Getting Started

Add this dependency to your pubspec.yaml file.

gradient_floating_button: ^0.0.2
//Add dependency from to get latest version.


// Use the 'GradientFloatingButton().withLinearGradient()' for Linear Gradient Background
floatingActionButton: GradientFloatingButton().withLinearGradient(
          onTap: _incrementCounter,
          iconWidget: const Icon(
            color: Colors.white,
          alignmentEnd: Alignment.topRight,
          alignmentBegin: Alignment.bottomLeft,
          colors: [, Colors.purpleAccent]),

You can refer complete example from the /example folder.

Having Issues

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