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A GradientElevatedButton is a custom button widget that provides a visually appealing gradient background. It inherits from the ElevatedButton widget, which is a built-in button widget that displays a material-style raised button. The GradientElevatedButton extends the functionality of the ElevatedButton by adding the ability to specify a gradient background for the button.



To use GradientElevatedButton, add it to your dependencies in pubspec.yaml:

dependencies :
  gradient_elevated_button : ^0.0.5


Simply import the package and use the GradientElevatedButton widget in your Flutter app. Here is an example:

  onPressed: () {

  style: GradientElevatedButton.styleFrom(
    gradient: const LinearGradient(colors: [
      Color.fromARGB(255, 166, 206, 57),
      Color.fromARGB(255, 0, 175, 173),
      begin: Alignment.topCenter,
      end: Alignment.bottomCenter,
  child: const Text("This is Gradient Elevated Button"),


click here for example

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