GitHub release (latest by date)

Use OpenAI's ChatGPT to suggest conventional commit messages for your currently staged changes.

Fun fact: all the commit messages on this repo have been created with the tool.


Usage: gpt-commit-messages [options]

-c, --[no-]commit                   Select message and create commit or just display message suggestions
                                    (defaults to on)
-d, --[no-]disclaimer               Append disclaimer at the end of the commit message
                                    (defaults to on)
-g, --[no-]generated-code           Include generated files
-n, --num-messages                  Number of message suggestions to get from OpenAI
                                    (defaults to "3")
-a, --openai-api-key (mandatory)    Get yours at
-p, --[no-]push                     Push the newly added commit
-s, --[no-]sign-off                 Sign-off commits

With Dart source

dart run bin/gpt_commit_messages.dart

Compile binary

dart compile exe .\bin\gpt_commit_messages.dart -o build/gpt-commit-messages.exe

Install on PATH

dart pub global activate gpt_commit_messages
gpt-commit-messages --help