autoRefreshingClient function

AutoRefreshingAuthClient autoRefreshingClient(
  1. ClientId clientId,
  2. AccessCredentials credentials,
  3. Client baseClient, {
  4. AuthEndpoints authEndpoints = const GoogleAuthEndpoints(),

Creates an AutoRefreshingAuthClient which automatically refreshes credentials before they expire.

The clientId that you obtain from the API Console Credentials page, as described in Obtain OAuth 2.0 credentials.

Uses baseClient to make authenticated HTTP requests and to refresh credentials.

The user is responsible for closing the returned HTTP Client. Closing the returned Client will not close baseClient.


AutoRefreshingAuthClient autoRefreshingClient(
  ClientId clientId,
  AccessCredentials credentials,
  Client baseClient, {
  AuthEndpoints authEndpoints = const GoogleAuthEndpoints(),
}) {
  if (credentials.accessToken.type != 'Bearer') {
    throw ArgumentError('Only Bearer access tokens are accepted.');
  if (credentials.refreshToken == null) {
    throw ArgumentError('Refresh token in AccessCredentials was `null`.');
  return AutoRefreshingClient(baseClient, authEndpoints, clientId, credentials);