StyleRule class Null safety

Implemented types


StyleRule.color(Color color)
sets the color of the feature.
StyleRule.gamma(double gamma)
(a floating point value between 0.01 and 10.0, where 1.0 applies no correction) indicates the amount of gamma correction to apply to the element. Gamma corrections modify the lightness of colors in a non-linear fashion, while not affecting white or black values. Gamma correction is typically used to modify the contrast of multiple elements. For example, you can modify the gamma to increase or decrease the contrast between the edges and interiors of elements. [...]
StyleRule.hue(Color hue)
Indicates the basic color.
StyleRule.invertLightness(bool invertLightness)
(if true) inverts the existing lightness. This is useful, for example, for quickly switching to a darker map with white text. [...]
StyleRule.lightness(int lightness)
(a floating point value between -100 and 100) indicates the percentage change in brightness of the element. Negative values increase darkness (where -100 specifies black) while positive values increase brightness (where +100 specifies white). [...]
StyleRule.saturation(int saturation)
(a floating point value between -100 and 100) indicates the percentage change in intensity of the basic color to apply to the element. [...]
StyleRule.visibility(VisibilityRule visibility)
indicates whether and how the element appears on the map. A simplified visibility removes some style features from the affected features; roads, for example, are simplified into thinner lines without outlines, while parks lose their label text but retain the label icon.
StyleRule.weight(int weight)
(an integer value, greater than or equal to zero) sets the weight of the feature, in pixels. Setting the weight to a high value may result in clipping near tile borders.


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