Google Sheet Localization Generator

Download CSV file and generates the localization keys from an online Google Sheet to working with easy_localization and easy_localization_loader

This tool inspired by flutter_sheet_localization_generator

🔩 Installation

Add to your pubspec.yaml:

  easy_localization: <last_version>
  easy_localization_loader: <last_version>

  build_runner: <last_version>
  google_sheet_localization_generator: <last_version>

🔌 Usage

1. Create a CSV Google Sheet

Create a sheet with your translations (following the bellow format, an example sheet is available here) :

csv example file

Make sure that your sheet is shared :


Extract from the link the DOCID value :<DOCID>/edit?usp=sharing) :

2. Declare a localization delegate

Declare the following _LocaleKeys class with the SheetLocalization annotation pointing to your sheet in a lib/utils/multi-languages/locale_keys.dart file :

import 'dart:ui';

import 'package:sheet_localization_generator/sheet_localization_generator.dart';

part 'locale_keys.g.dart';

  docId: 'DOCID',
  version: 1,
  // the `1` is the generated version.
  //You must increment it each time you want to regenerate a new version of the labels.
  outDir: 'resources/langs',
  //default directory save downloaded CSV file
  outName: 'langs.csv',
  //default CSV file name
  preservedKeywords: [],)
class _LocaleKeys {}

3. Generate your localizations

Run the following command to generate a lib/utils/multi-languages/locale_keys.dart file :

flutter pub run build_runner build

Sample of locale_keys.g.dart

4. Configure your app

Last, config step by step following this tutorial from of easy_localization

⚡ Regeneration

Because of the caching system of the build_runner, it can't detect if there is a change on the distant sheet and it can't know if a new generation is needed.

The version parameter of the @SheetLocalization annotation solves this issue.

Each time you want to trigger a new generation, simply increment that version number and call the build runner again.


I find the easy_localization has already Code generation , but it doesn't support working with Google Sheet and generate keys from CSV file and some library don't support flutter 2.0 null-safety. So, I make this simple generator tool.