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If you use google_mobile_ads you can notice that it's still missing some AdMob features.

This plugin created to cover this features until google_mobile_ads implements they.


You should add and setup google_mobile_ads.

Getting Started

To use this plugin add google_mobile_ads_ext as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file;


For now the plugin supports just video ad volume control, but you are welcome to make PR for any needed features.

Global Settings

In native SDK you can control video ad volume and mute state.

Video ad volume control

Plugin provide following methods:

  • setAppVolume() - to report the relative app volume to the Mobile Ads SDK.
  • setAppMuted() - to inform the SDK that the app volume has been muted.


You can just call static methods like:

await GoogleMobileAdsExt.setAppMuted(.8);

Or use extension methods for MobileAds (make sure that you import library):

import 'package:google_mobile_ads_ext/google_mobile_ads_ext.dart';

// some code

await MobileAds.instance.setAppVolume(true);

It's up to you.