Pagination markers and cards on map with page view


Pagination throw google map smoothly using page perPage or skip and limit

Getting started

no pre requirements required


read example

    initialCameraPosition: MyApp.initialCameraPosition,
    mapController: _mapController,
    setMapController: (value) {
      setState(() {
        _mapController = value;
    currentUserLocation: myFakeLocation(),
    pageViewController: _pageController,
    onItemsChanged: (skip, cameraPosition) {
      return getFakeItems(skip, cameraPosition);
    markerLabelFormatter: (value) {
      return "$value USD";
    selectedItemId: _selectedItemId,
    onSelectedItemChanged: (value) {
      setState(() {
        _selectedItemId = value;
    pageViewItemBuilder: (BuildContext context, Item item, int index) {
      return ItemListTile(item: item, index: index);

Additional information

Drag map will change camera position and click next or previous will change pagination