Get directions shortest route/leg between two points & calculate distances, durations with Google_Maps Directions API

Documentation fran├žaise accessible ici.


  • Get directions between two points.
  • Calculate distance or duration (corresponding to shortest route distance /duration evaluation) between two points.
  • Get shortest route between/leg two points.

Getting started

  • AddressPoint : Object with latitude and longitude.
  • DirectionRoute : Path on foot, motorcycle, train, or car between two points.


You need to have a valid Google Maps Routes API Key.

const String googleAPIKey = "GOOGLE_API_KEY";

//You can init the Package with this API_Key so you don't have to pass it as an argument to it's methods.

GoogleMapsDirections.init(googleAPIKey: googleAPIKey);


import "package:google_maps_directions/google_maps_directions.dart" as gmd;


Directions directions = await getDirections(,
        language: "fr_FR",

DirectionRoute route = directions.shortestRoute;

You can draw a route between the two addresses on a Map using google_maps_flutter and flutter_polyline_points packages.

import 'package:flutter_polyline_points/flutter_polyline_points.dart';
import 'package:google_maps_directions/google_maps_directions.dart';
import 'package:google_maps_flutter/google_maps_flutter.dart';


DirectionRoute route = directions.shortestRoute;

List<LatLng> points = PolylinePoints().decodePolyline(route.overviewPolyline.points)
   .map((point) => LatLng(point.latitude, point.longitude))

List<Polyline> polylines = [
            width: 5,
            polylineId: PolylineId("UNIQUE_ROUTE_ID"),
            points: points,


 Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return Scaffold(
 body : GoogleMap(
              polylines: Set.of(polylines),

You can also give indications for each stage of a route. A more complete demonstration is provided in example directory.

import 'package:google_maps_directions/google_maps_directions.dart';


DirectionRoute route = directions.shortestRoute;

DirectionLegStep firstRouteLegStep = route.shortestLeg.steps.first;
print(firstRouteLegStep.htmlInstructions); //At the roundabout, take the exit onto route National 1.
print(firstRouteLegStep.maneuver); //roundabout-right.


import "package:google_maps_directions/google_maps_directions.dart" as gmd;

DistanceValue distanceBetween = await gmd.distance(9.2460524, 1.2144565, 6.1271617, 1.2345417, googleAPIKey : googleAPIKey); //gmd.distance(9.2460524, 1.2144565, 6.1271617, 1.2345417) or without passing the API_KEY if the plugin is already initialized with it's value.

int meters = distanceBetween.meters // await gmd.distanceInMeters(9.2460524, 1.2144565, 6.1271617, 1.2345417, googleAPIKey : googleAPIKey);

String textInKmOrMeters = distanceBetween.text // await gmd.distanceText(9.2460524, 1.2144565, 6.1271617, 1.2345417, googleAPIKey : googleAPIKey);


import "package:google_maps_directions/google_maps_directions.dart" as gmd;

DurationValue durationBetween = await gmd.duration(9.2460524, 1.2144565, 6.1271617, 1.2345417, googleAPIKey : googleAPIKey);

int seconds = durationBetween.seconds//await gmd.durationInSeconds(9.2460524, 1.2144565, 6.1271617, 1.2345417, googleAPIKey : googleAPIKey);

String durationInMinutesOrHours = gmd.durationBetween.text // await gmd.durationText(9.2460524, 1.2144565, 6.1271617, 1.2345417, googleAPIKey : googleAPIKey);

Issues | Features requests

Feel free to submit issues, suggestions or features requests on this package issues tracker.