Update for this release

Added Support for data in the core result. Get all data in their type formatted from every addressComponents from every results data.

  • establishment
  • plusCode
  • premise
  • subLocalityLevel1
  • subLocalityLevel2
  • subLocality
  • locality
  • administrativeAreas1
  • administrativeAreas2
  • countries
  • postalCodes




A flutter plugin to Geocode or Reverse Geocode your coordinates or address strings using Google Maps Geocoder API.


Forward Geocoding

Converting Street or Address String into relevent Address Data using Google Maps Geocoder API.

Reverse Geocoding

Converting Coordinates into relevant Address Data using Google Maps Geocoder API.

Place ID Geocoding

Converting Place ID into relevant Address Data using Google Maps Geocoder API.


Import package:google_geocoder_krutus/google_geocoder_krutus.dart, and use the GoogleGeocoderKrutus to access geocoding services provided by the device system.



GeocoderResponse? reverseGeocode = await GoogleGeocoderKrutus.reverseGeoCode(
    apiKey: '<GOOGLE MAPS API KEY>',
    coordinates: Coordinates(latitude: 0, longitude: 0),

GeocoderResponse? addressQuery = await GoogleGeocoderKrutus.addressQuery(
    apiKey: '<GOOGLE MAPS API KEY>',
    address: '<ADDRESS STRING TO QUERY>',

GeocoderResponse? placeID = await GoogleGeocoderKrutus.placeID(
    apiKey: '<GOOGLE MAPS API KEY>',
    placeId: '<PLACE ID TO QUERY>',