getFont method

TextStyle getFont(
  1. String fontFamily,
  2. {TextStyle textStyle,
  3. Color color,
  4. Color backgroundColor,
  5. double fontSize,
  6. FontWeight fontWeight,
  7. FontStyle fontStyle,
  8. double letterSpacing,
  9. double wordSpacing,
  10. TextBaseline textBaseline,
  11. double height,
  12. Locale locale,
  13. Paint foreground,
  14. Paint background,
  15. List<Shadow> shadows,
  16. List<FontFeature> fontFeatures,
  17. TextDecoration decoration,
  18. Color decorationColor,
  19. TextDecorationStyle decorationStyle,
  20. double decorationThickness}

Retrieve a font by family name.

Applies the given font family from Google Fonts to the given textStyle and returns the resulting TextStyle.

Note: fontFamily is case-sensitive.

Parameter fontFamily must not be null. Throws if no font by name fontFamily exists.


static TextStyle getFont(
  String fontFamily, {
  TextStyle textStyle,
  Color color,
  Color backgroundColor,
  double fontSize,
  FontWeight fontWeight,
  FontStyle fontStyle,
  double letterSpacing,
  double wordSpacing,
  TextBaseline textBaseline,
  double height,
  Locale locale,
  Paint foreground,
  Paint background,
  List<ui.Shadow> shadows,
  List<ui.FontFeature> fontFeatures,
  TextDecoration decoration,
  Color decorationColor,
  TextDecorationStyle decorationStyle,
  double decorationThickness,
}) {
  assert(fontFamily != null);
  final fonts = GoogleFonts.asMap();
  if (!fonts.containsKey(fontFamily)) {
    throw Exception("No font family by name '$fontFamily' was found.");
  return fonts[fontFamily](
    textStyle: textStyle,
    color: color,
    backgroundColor: backgroundColor,
    fontSize: fontSize,
    fontWeight: fontWeight,
    fontStyle: fontStyle,
    letterSpacing: letterSpacing,
    wordSpacing: wordSpacing,
    textBaseline: textBaseline,
    height: height,
    locale: locale,
    foreground: foreground,
    background: background,
    shadows: shadows,
    fontFeatures: fontFeatures,
    decoration: decoration,
    decorationColor: decorationColor,
    decorationStyle: decorationStyle,
    decorationThickness: decorationThickness,