Golden Bricks
A better font for golden tests.

This project is a Flutter Bounty Hunters proof-of-concept. Want font adjustments? Fund a milestone today!

Golden Bricks Font

Like the traditional Ahem font, the Golden Bricks font renders every character as a rectangle to avoid test failures due to anti-aliasing. Unlike the traditional Ahem font, the Golden Bricks font sizes each character rectangle similar to the standard English character, and also adds space between characters. As a result, text in your golden tests will be a similar size to regular text, and your test can render text selections that you can see across multiple characters.

Golen Bricks font screenshot

How to use the Golden Bricks font in an app

Use the Golden Bricks font by setting the fontFamily of a TextStyle:

  "Some text",
  style: const TextStyle(
    // The "goldenBricks" variable is a constant that's 
    // exported from the golden_bricks package.
    fontFamily: goldenBricks,

How to use the Golden Bricks font in golden tests

To use a font in Flutter golden tests, you must explicitly load that font before your tests run. The easiest way to load fonts for golden tests is to use the golden_toolkit package. After adding the golden_toolkit package to your test dependencies, create a flutter_test_config.dart file in your /test directory. Include the following implementation:

import 'dart:async';

import 'package:golden_toolkit/golden_toolkit.dart';

Future<void> testExecutable(FutureOr<void> Function() testMain) async {
  await loadAppFonts();
  return testMain();

Once the font is loaded, use the font in your tests, as desired. The easiest way to use the Golden Bricks font in a test is to configure the default theme font family to use the Golden Bricks font.

testWidgets("renders in golden tests", (tester) async {
  await tester.pumpWidget(
      theme: ThemeData(
        fontFamily: goldenBricks,
      home: Scaffold(
        // content

  // TODO: implement the rest of the test