A library to access the GLPI API

This library is a wrapper around the GLPI API, it provides a simple way to access he API.

It is based on the Dart http library so it can be used ont dartvm and dartweb. It was implemented following the GLPI API documentation

First step

Before using the library, you need to make sure your GLPI instance is correctly setup to enable the api usage.

First you need to add the library to your pubspec.yaml file.

Either run

dart pub add glpi_dart

or manually add

 glpi_dart: ^0.2.0

to your pubspec.yaml file.

Then you can use the library by importing the client.

import 'package:glpi_dart/glpi_dart.dart';


Import the library and create a client using Glpiclient() You can either also create a client with a stored session token to avoid calling initSessionUsernamePassword or initSessionToken every time.

import 'package:glpi_dart/glpi_dart.dart';

void main() async {
  // We recommend to use a secret management library like dotenv
  // to store your credentials in a file
  String userToken = 'abcedfghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz123467890';
  String appToken = '0987654321zyxwvutsrqponmlkjihgfedcba';
  String baseUrl = '';

  // Create the client BUT doesn't get the session token
  GlpiClient client = GlpiClient(baseUrl, appToken: appToken);
  String? sessionToken;

  // Get the session token
  try {
    final response = await client.initSessionUserToken(userToken);
    sessionToken = response['session_token'];

    client.sessionToken = sessionToken;
  } on GlpiException catch (e) {
    // In case of will get the http status code (e.code) and the message (e.reason['error'])
    print('${e.code} - ${e.error} - ${e.message}');


Check the example directory for more examples.


By design the library will throw an GlpiException if an error occurs during the request. The exception will contain the http response code and a Map with the error code and the error localized message. Methods will also throw an exception if the session token is not set.


Right now all the tests aren't written and/or cleaned



Additional information

This package is still in development