Publish web files to a gh-pages branch on GitHub (or any other branch anywhere else).

pub package


Add it to your pubspec.yaml file as a dev dependency because it's a command line tool.



To use this package, first you need to build a web application bundle.

$ flutter build web
$ flutter pub run github_pages

Calling this script will create a temporary clone of the current repository, create a gh-pages branch if one doesn't already exist, copy over all files from the directory path, commit all changes, and push to the origin remote.


The default options work for simple cases. The options described below let you push to alternate branches, customize your commit messages, and more.

$ flutter pub run github_pages --help
-d, --dist          Base directory for all source files
                    (defaults to "build")
-b, --branch        Name of the branch you are pushing to
                    (defaults to "gh-pages")
-m, --message       Commit message
                    (defaults to "Updates")
-o, --remote        The name of the remote
                    (defaults to "origin")
-n, --no-push       Commit only (with no push)
-f, --no-history    Push force new commit without parent history
-h, --help          Usage help