A cryptography Secure version of GetStorage originally written by Jonny Borges (

GetSecureStorage is a secure, fast, extra light and synchronous key-value in memory, which backs up data to disk at each operation. It is written entirely in Dart and is based on the Cryptography dart package.

The cryptography library used is

The algorithm used is 128bit AES-CTR with MAC sha256

Supports Android, iOS, Web, Mac, Linux, and Windows. Can store String, int, double, Map and List

Add to your pubspec:


Install it

You can install packages from the command line:

with Flutter:

$  flutter packages get

Import it

Now in your Dart code, you can use:

import 'package:get_secure_storage/get_secure_storage.dart';

Initialize storage driver with await:

main() async {
  await GetSecureStorage.init(password: 'strongpassword');

use GetSecureStorage through an instance or use directly GetSecureStorage().read('key')

final box = GetSecureStorage(password: 'strongpassword');

To write information you must use write :

box.write('quote', 'GetSecureStorage is the best');

To read values you use read:

// out: GetSecureStorage is the best

To remove a key, you can use remove:


To listen changes you can use listen:

Function? disposeListen;
disposeListen = box.listen((){
  print('box changed');

If you subscribe to events, be sure to dispose them when using:


To listen changes on key you can use listenKey:

box.listenKey('key', (value){
  print('new key is $value');

To erase your container:


If you want to create different containers, simply give it a name. You can listen to specific containers, and also delete them.

GetSecureStorage g = GetSecureStorage(container:'MyStorage', password: 'strongpassword');

To initialize specific container:

await GetSecureStorage.init(container:'MyStorage', password: 'strongpassword');

SharedPreferences Implementation

class MyPref {
  static final _otherBox = () => GetSecureStorage(container:'MyPref', password: 'strongpassword');

  final username = ''.val('username');
  final age = 0.val('age');
  final price = 1000.val('price', getBox: _otherBox);

  // or
  final username2 = ReadWriteValue('username', '');
  final age2 = ReadWriteValue('age', 0);
  final price2 = ReadWriteValue('price', '', _otherBox);


void updateAge() {
  final age = 0.val('age');
  // or 
  final age = ReadWriteValue('age', 0, () => box);
  // or 
  final age = Get.find<MyPref>().age;

  age.val = 1; // will save to box
  final realAge = age.val; // will read from box